I Need A Life Coach

I haven’t written in awhile on this blog. I damn near thought I had deleted it. You know I’ve changed a bit when I simply leave an internet pressence rather than close shop altogether.

I came back because I need a little help – I need an affordable life coach that lives in the Chicago area. In particular, I need one that lives in the Hyde Park/Loop area that has evening/weekend hours as I am an 8-5iver. I’ve researched a bit, but alot of these life coaches seem more associated with spamming/selling you things rather than helping you.

Any suggestions?


When Your Therapist Is MIA

Shame be dammned. I am admitting to seeing one.

Much like any relationship, when the person who you have bonded the most with suddenly has to go away, you begin to miss that connection. Due to circumstances that I don’t wanna really get into here, I won’t be able to see her for another week or so.

I have others I can talk to, but I like the fact that I have someone who I can funnel my weirdness to, grind that weirdness to its essenence and get to the root of things. Other people usually go along with the ride while being either too nice to admit they don’t get the point or too afraid of losing the relationship by saying how they feel. Not having that for awhile feels a little jarring at the moment, but I’m not sure there is much of an alternative.

I could while things get ironed out with the therapist I have get an alternate therapist. The problem is, I’d have to get into the long process of finding one I like that vibes well with me and one that has evening/weekend hours given that I work a 9 to 5 job. I realize there’s talkspace, but I’d rather not take therapy via a chat line as it feels too impersonal for my tastes and seems even more expensive than regular threapy.

Having said all of this, I need to take this time to reflect on what I learned in therapy and get it together on my own while things get ironed out.

Roo Panes – Little Giant

Like most people recently who got hooked to music based on the movie trailer it was attached to (“Dirty Paws” by Monsters and Men used in The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty as an example), I found out about Roo Panes’ “Little Giant” after watching a trailer for Life Itself which seems to tailor itself as another Boyhood. Unlike other songs made famous by their use in trailers, this is one of the few songs that makes you wanna wet your music palette with new sounds.

I can’t pinpoint what I love about this song from a technical standpoint; it’s laid-back in its approach yet reaches powerful heights to stir your soul. Roo himself seems to be a bit like Nick Cave, famous for his “Pink Moon” song. The comparison could be wrong, but this is what happens when you stop listening to music after being depressed by what’s on the radio….

Your comparisons begin to suck.

Soon I’ll begin to think that Migos sounds like Daffy Duck.

Anyhow, take a listen to the playlist below and you’ll find all of his songs are actually good.

I Am In New York – Part 2

It has been stated, in person and through various blogs, that the worst place to house yourself while on vacation in New York is Times Square. In the name of being fearless, in the name of getting out of the practice of making “safe zones” for myself, I booked a room in the Hyatt Centric on W 45th Street. With the hotel being situated so close to Times Square, I figure if I got overwhelmed, 45th street was never far away.

That couldn’t have been more further from the truth (Also, Google Maps is not your friend).

Because Times Square is the epicenter of New York to those outside of New York, it essentially is as you would imagine, a tourist spot. Everyone everywhere has a camera out taking pictures of the various buildings pulsating with commercial advertisements including iconic MTV building which featured during TRL when alot when MTV used to do music. I myself took very few pictures and videos of anything due to the fact that I felt like I was getting caught in the usual trend of posting every moment on social media.

(Although my follower count on IG went up to about 110+ users)

You have to be present to get the overall sense of city is like; the smells, the people and how to get to and fro. Pictures and videos while obvious to documenting and validating to others you had the experience, doesn’t add to your humanity and certainly doesn’t make you feel apart of New York.

To explore New York, to understand New York, you gotta make friends. In other words, despite the current frenzy in our society to distrust others, you have to talk to strangers. I tend to keep to myself alot of the time and found myself, really because I felt alone, taking chances and trying to make friends.

The few I’ve made, I will definitely remember and keep it touch with. I will talk more about my New York travels in the next part of these blogs posts.


To Disconnect

Truth be told, I haven’t been here in awhile. I got rid of Facebook, Twitter (it’s up but not active) and I may get rid of IG. Social media, more than ever, is turning me off. I can’t contain the fact anymore that it’s making me feel like I’m complete “s***” and everyone else is awesome.

It’s time to detox, watch some movies. You know, have fun in a pre-2000s kind of way

Sleeping Is Never Underrated

My mother was an all-nighter thanks to her choice of her employment (Programmer). In her attempts to try for a normal nights sleep, she would often randomly awaken to finish a chore, watch a movie or ponder her life. Although giving into insomnia seems the best route, it meant that she would have to contend with being irritable and groggy the rest of the day.

For the past few days I have experienced this. Unlike my mother, I work in an office with other people and therefore need to be on the up and up in every aspect. I can’t help but think that my choice of gulten-free pizza helped me in my ability to sleep given that after getting up at 11pm, I went right back to sleep. No aromatherapy needed.

I’m not sure if I stated this before, but I do struggle with making good choices when it comes to eating. I’m rather used to Uber, Doordash and other delivery services doing the work for me that I never know what to make when I don’t want any delivery. Someone who reads this blog who is into food could probably make a suggestion for me as I truly believe that my body should be given better choices to eat.

At this point, I could simply just eat some soup and be happy with that and hopefully my body will feel the same way too. Sleep is often a problem for me and was a problem for my mother, but I vow to correct that as much as possible.