Sleeping Is Never Underrated

My mother was an all-nighter thanks to her choice of her employment (Programmer). In her attempts to try for a normal nights sleep, she would often randomly awaken to finish a chore, watch a movie or ponder her life. Although giving into insomnia seems the best route, it meant that she would have to contend with being irritable and groggy the rest of the day.

For the past few days I have experienced this. Unlike my mother, I work in an office with other people and therefore need to be on the up and up in every aspect. I can’t help but think that my choice of gulten-free pizza helped me in my ability to sleep given that after getting up at 11pm, I went right back to sleep. No aromatherapy needed.

I’m not sure if I stated this before, but I do struggle with making good choices when it comes to eating. I’m rather used to Uber, Doordash and other delivery services doing the work for me that I never know what to make when I don’t want any delivery. Someone who reads this blog who is into food could probably make a suggestion for me as I truly believe that my body should be given better choices to eat.

At this point, I could simply just eat some soup and be happy with that and hopefully my body will feel the same way too. Sleep is often a problem for me and was a problem for my mother, but I vow to correct that as much as possible.



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