Roo Panes – Little Giant

Like most people recently who got hooked to music based on the movie trailer it was attached to (“Dirty Paws” by Monsters and Men used in The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty as an example), I found out about Roo Panes’ “Little Giant” after watching a trailer for Life Itself which seems to tailor itself as another Boyhood. Unlike other songs made famous by their use in trailers, this is one of the few songs that makes you wanna wet your music palette with new sounds.

I can’t pinpoint what I love about this song from a technical standpoint; it’s laid-back in its approach yet reaches powerful heights to stir your soul. Roo himself seems to be a bit like Nick Cave, famous for his “Pink Moon” song. The comparison could be wrong, but this is what happens when you stop listening to music after being depressed by what’s on the radio….

Your comparisons begin to suck.

Soon I’ll begin to think that Migos sounds like Daffy Duck.

Anyhow, take a listen to the playlist below and you’ll find all of his songs are actually good.


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